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Questions about the International Banana Club? or e-mail Ken Bannister, T.B. (Realtor - Century 21) at (626) 321-6262 - bananastb(at)

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The Banana Club and Museum has been featured on 94 Television Shows around the world, including the TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno. We have been featured in all major newspapers around the world a number of times, thanks to AP, UPI and Reuters News Services. Several dozen national magazines have done features including two pages in "PEOPLE" Magazine! We are also featured in several books in print which are available at all major booksellers: "Offbeat Museums", "Hidden LA", "Little Museums", The Munks Guide to CA, "Eccentric America" ,"Totally Bananas" by Dennis Fox (12 pages in the last chapter are all about the Banana Club and Museum!) and the newest book (05) is "THINK YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE?" by Seth Brown - pg 10.

The world's first and largest Banana Club Museum was opened in April of 1976. (Some members have started there own Banana collections) Ken Bananister, T.B. had to find a place to display and show all the banana items sent by B.C. members, friends and people he met around the world. Everywhere the "Banana Man" went he passed out banana stickers and spread the word on the Banana Club and it's good purpose&."to keep people smiling, induce more laughter, exercise the sense of humor, and stay in good health". It seemed that thousands of people of all ages wanted to contribute and most wanted to earn the B.M.'s (Banana Merits) to earn one or both of the two Degrees in Bananistry. (The M.B. "Masters" and the PhB "Doctorate"). My guess is they wanted some recognition and we gave it to them with medals and neck ribbons to prove it! Of course the T.B. has purchased and collected the lions share of items over the past thirty years. Rest assured that membership is a good thing! In fact, it is the gift for all reasons.

Members of the B.C. are known for their desire to maintain a good attitude and sense of humor. We have fun in an otherwise hectic world, and our purpose is to bring a smile on and induce laughter wherever possible! We use our BC cards to get special rates, favors, discounts and surprises. Member selected titles have something to do with the "fun" involvement.The Club is dedicated to maintaining the positive attitude and keeping spirits up! Using the club card and personal titles is a great way to get attention. Wearing a B.C. shirt or just a banana sticker will get you special attention. Our intent is to spread the word and stay in good health too! Everyone needs this vehicle which serves as a reminder to keep smiling and exercise the sense of humor daily!

Enroll yourself, your friends and family members in this bunch. There are no requirements. It costs only $10.00 for a lifetime fee. And, if you feel you do not get ten bucks worth of fun out of using the card for a one year period, you get your money back! (Send to: IBC at 14012 Siesta Drive in Apple Valley, CA 92307)

The International Banana ClubŪ offers titles to everyone who joins. After all, titles are important and the Banana ClubŪ recognizes this importance. Most of us like to be known by our titles. After all, a title is a form of recognition and here you can choose your title! How about C.H.D., F.D., R.B. (City Hand Director, or Finger Director, or maybe Road Banana! )? You decide. The Banana Club accommodates your tasteful request. Be creative. Make one up and get the tilte you always wanted!

How about sending a "gift" membership to a friend or family member? Just print out the application and mail. Lots of B.C. members have titles imprinted on their business cards, stationery, credit cards or even personalized license places. All titles are displayed on membership certificates. The big benefit is showing the Banana Club card to get special treatment wherever you go! Believe it! Some even get out of traffic tickets by just smiling and showing the card! Banana ClubŪ members also get recognition! Members can earn B.M.'s (Banana Merits) for sending banana-related items to the B.C. for display in the Banana Museum. All items sent are worth B.M.'s! You must keep track of your own and nothing lude, crude or licivious is accepted! Members can earn a Master of Bananistry or even a Doctorate of Bananistry! All recipients are proud to wear their medals and neck ribbons, plus they get to add M.B. or Ph.B. to their titles.

Each year one member receives the coveted Bananster Award.. West Lake High School's (Westlake, CA) "favorite teacher of the year", Mr. Darin Erickson received this honor. The late Ray Harrington of Minnesota was a recipient and Arnold (The California Governor) earned the honor in 2003! B.C. members can also attend occasional events like the B.C. Picnic and games, a Banana Tennis Open in South Carolina, and others as announced. Most are impulsive and a bunch of fun! Nothing to serious!

This site appeals to all ages and all types at any time. Thanks a bunch and keep smiling! Laughter is the best medicine.

For details, email Ken (WRITE TB) or call (626) 321-6262 or (760) 242-6724

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